Application : suitable for purification of brackish/Tap water.
Purification capacity : up to 20 WPH*
Body minerals: ABS food grade plastic
Dimensions(mm): 380×260(w)x510H
Inlet water pressure/Temp (min): 0.3kg/cm2 or 4.3 Psi/10
Inlet water pressure/Temp(max): 5kg/cm2 or 40.7Psi/40
Filter Castridge: Sediment carbon block mineral Alkaline, filters UF & post carbon.
4.] Auto –flushing system: yes
UV lamp wattage: 11watt
Weight: 10.2kg
Storage capacity: 10L
Purification production rate: 15L/hr or 0.25L/min
Maximum duty cycle: 100L/day
Power consumption: 60w
Membrane type: thin film composite RO
Booster pump voltage: 24vDC
Input power supply: single phase 160-240V Ac input